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Driving Route Planner

Thanks to our great location and easy parking options, driving to and from Shannon Airport is an ideal way to travel. It’s really convenient to start your trip from your own doorstep without waiting on buses or trains.

Check out the directions below from anywhere in Ireland and pre-book parking online to get the best rates!

Shannon Airport is located approximately 24 kilometres from Limerick and 22 kilometres from Ennis. Use these National Primary Routes to or from the Airport:

To Shannon Airport

To Shannon Airport

Dublin M7/N7 Westbound
Clare/Galway M18/N18 Southbound
Limerick N18 Northbound
Cork N20 Northbound
Kerry N21/N69 Northbound
Tipperary/Waterford N24 Westbound

From Shannon Airport

From Shannon Airport

Dublin N7/M7 Eastbound
Clare/Galway N18/M18 Northbound
Limerick N18 Southbound
Cork N20 Southbound
Kerry N21/N69 Southbound
Tipperary/Waterford N24 Eastbound


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