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× Passenger Update: Customers are advised when booking car hire and car parking at Shannon Airport to use licenced onsite operators. A number of offsite car hire and parking companies are purporting to operate at Shannon Airport but they operate offsite and have no agreement to collect or drop off passengers at the airport.  Booking with these companies may result in delays at the airport during pick up and drop off.

Filming & Photography

Making it easy for photographers, producers, researchers, and more

Thanks to our wonderful setting and great facilities, we get requests all the time from people who’d like to film footage, take photographs, do research and more. We understand that getting that perfect shot, footage, or finding out the crucial piece of information is not easy so we’ll do our best to help out where we can.

Filming & Photography

Like all other public places, we have a few guidelines that we’d like people to follow...

  1. For operational and security reasons, security procedures cannot be filmed or photographed and if you have specific queries about this please get in touch.
  2. And for data protection, and privacy reasons, keep in mind that customers and staff may not be photographed, filmed or interviewed without agreement from ourselves at Shannon Airport first.
  3. If you plan on filming a particular airline, tour operator or company, our advice is that you do need to get permission directly from that company in advance.
  4. For any commercial filming or photography projects, we’d love if you could give us a week’s notice and then we’ll get back to you and give you the go-ahead before you begin. If you could provide a copy of public liability insurance certificate, we’d really appreciate that too. Get in touch here.
For more information on filming, photography and more, click here.

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