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× Passenger Update: Customers are advised when booking car hire and car parking at Shannon Airport to use licenced onsite operators. A number of offsite car hire and parking companies are purporting to operate at Shannon Airport but they operate offsite and have no agreement to collect or drop off passengers at the airport.  Booking with these companies may result in delays at the airport during pick up and drop off.

Holiday Packages

Summer 2019 

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Palma 25 Mar-27 Oct Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
Palma 05 May-08 Sep Saturday TUI
Fuerteventura 25 Mar-27 Oct Thursday
Lanzarote 25 Mar-27 Oct Monday, Friday,
Lanzarote 28 May-08 Oct Monday TUI
Tenerife 29 Mar-25 Oct Thursday
Faro 23 Mar-26 Oct Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
Alicante 27 Mar-27 Oct Tuesday, Saturday.
Malaga 17 Mar-28 Oct Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Reus 18 May-14 Sep Friday TUI
Reus 27 Mar-28 Oct Tuesday, Saturday
Winter 2018/19 Package Holidays
Alicante 28 Oct-30 Mar Monday, Friday
Fuerteventura 28 Oct-30 Mar Sunday
Lanzarote 28 Oct-30 Mar Saturday, Sunday
Lanzarote 28 Oct-30 Mar Saturday Sunway
Malaga 28 Oct-30 Mar Tuesday, Saturday
Tenerife 28 Oct-30 Mar Saturday
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15 Mar 2019

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