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Wroclaw Destination Guide

Fly Direct to Wroclaw

Whether off on a city break or to see friends and relatives, get your trip to Wroclaw off to a perfect start and enjoy close airport parking with short walks to the terminal. You’ll also love the relaxed atmosphere at Shannon - no congestion and no hassle guaranteed! 

Known for its deep sporting traditions, bustling open-air markets, and notable historical landmarks, the city has plenty to interest every visitor and it’s less than three hours’ flight from Shannon.

Exploring Wroclaw’s Heritage

Like most of Poland, the city has been occupied by a number of invaders down through the years with the Russians, Germans, and Austrians all laying claim at one point or another. And the landscape of the city has been shaped by its experiences which is most evident in its diverse and contradictory architecture.
You should try and take in the Raclawice Panorama, a radial 19th century oil painting that stretches across a winding canvas. It depicts the Battle of Raclawice, during which the Polish army recorded a famous victory against Russian forces. Tickets to view this exceptional work cost around €6. For music lovers, the Wroclaw Opera, regularly hosts shows based on the city’s epic struggles.

Dining Out

Often dubbed the ‘Venice of Poland’, Wroclaw is dotted with cosy restaurants and bistros in keeping with the city’s warm and rustic atmosphere. You’ll also notice that eating out is great value and an all-inclusive three-course meal will set you back an extremely reasonable €20.

Sporting Heritage

Wroclaw’s passion for sport became known across Europe during the summer of 2012, when it was one of the host cities for the 2012 UEFA European Championships. The city held a number of group games at the 42,000-seater Miejski Stadium – including one involving the Polish national team. And throughout the tournament, they gained a reputation for fervent support and hospitality in equal measure. Local team, Śląsk Wrocław, plays top-flight football there today.

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