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Liverpool Destination Guide

Fly Direct to Liverpool

Get your city break or business trip to Liverpool off to a perfect start and enjoy close airport parking with short walks to the terminal. You’ll also love the relaxed atmosphere at Shannon - no congestion and no hassle guaranteed!  

Just over an hour’s flight from Shannon Airport, Liverpool is not only famous for music and football, it is also well known for its own waterfront with ferry trips including the famous Royal Albert Dock, the iconic architecture, the Liverpool Cathedral, and the city's museum.

When you land 

Liverpool city centre is about 15km from Liverpool Airport. Taking a Liverpool Airport taxi will take around 30 minutes and the public AirLink 500 bus will take approximately 35 minutes to reach the city centre.

Exploring Liverpool 

National Museums Liverpool have a number of museums and galleries across the City Region. Whether you’re into maritime, the world and its creatures, art, or even if you want to deep sea dive into the history of Liverpool City Region you can, for free at the Maritime Museum, World Museum, Lady Lever Art Gallery or the Museum of Liverpool. 

There’s modern art at FACT and both traditional and radical at Tate Liverpool. That’s just the start, for more culture you won’t have to look far. While you’re here, keep your head up and take in the breath-taking architecture of the city. Hop onto a tour bus or a walking tour.


Sport’s covered too. Whether you’re after a stadium tour of the reds or blues you’ll want to take a look at the best places to watch football in Liverpool over dinner.

Entertainment and Music 

The Beatles Story on Liverpool’s famous Royal Albert Dock is home to the world’s largest permanent exhibition purely devoted to telling the story of The Beatles’ rise to fame. Journey around the history of the Fab Four. From immersive experiences, museums full of memorabilia, tours of every kind and even Beatles themed hotels, there are plenty of ways you can soak up the home of the biggest band in the world. 

Liverpool’s food and drink scene is thriving and can be enjoyed in many quarters. Celebrating Bold Street and Celebrating Castle Street take place each year, showcasig the culinary talent of the city. Duke Street Market houses some of the finest small plate restaurants all year round.

A truly international city boasts truly international cuisine - from the Italian Club Fish to Vegan Curries at Sanskruiti. Don’t know what tickles your fancy? You can’t visit Liverpool without delving into a piping hot bowl of scouse. 

Start planning your trip and find out more about Liverpool here.

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