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Kaunas Destination Guide

Fly Direct to Kaunas

Whether off on a city break or to see friends and relatives, get your trip to Kaunas off to a perfect start and enjoy close airport parking with short walks to the terminal. You’ll also love the relaxed atmosphere at Shannon - no congestion and no hassle guaranteed!  

Over three hours from Shannon, Kaunas is a real taste of Eastern Europe, complete with stunning architecture, heritage and history around every corner. It also has high temperatures in summer and a sub-zero climate in winter so make sure to pack with the weather in mind! 

When you land 

Expect to pay around €1 for a 30 minute trip to the town centre by bus. When you’re there, a €5 bus and trolley ticket will cover you for the city in terms of travel so it’s a great investment. 

Where to stay 

If you’re on a strict budget, you’ll find great options on Airbnb – and a quick search uncovers modern, clean and sometimes chic apartments from as little as €25 per night. If you have set aside a little bit more, you can bed down in four and five star hotels in the city centre for the very sensible price of €60 and upwards a night. 

What to see 

You can pick up maps of the sites in Kaunas and the surrounding area at the Kaunas Tourism Information Centre and Convention Bureau, which is ideally located on Liberty Avenue, one of the city’s main thoroughfares. The Field of Victims, The Ninth Fort, Devil’s Museum, Napoleon’s Hill, and much more should also not be missed in a city with a haunting but extraordinary history. 

Start planning your trip and find out more about Kaunas right here.

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