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Budapest Destination Guide

Fly Direct to Budapest

Whether off on a city break or to see friends and relatives, get your trip to Budapest off to a perfect start and enjoy close airport parking with short walks to the terminal. You’ll also love the relaxed atmosphere at Shannon - no congestion and no hassle guaranteed!

Only a short trip from Shannon Airport you can now explore the capital city of Hungary!

When you land

Budapest Airport is about 30 minutes from the city centre and this metropolitan city provides plenty of public transportation including bus and taxi services.

See the sights

Cutting through this gorgeous city is the River Danube which hosts amazing boating tours so you can see both sides of the city at the same time! The landscape will keep you guessing with a 19th-century Chain Bridge being the connection between the hilly Buda district with flat Pest.

Cobblestone pathways set the scene with historic architecture and panoramic views. Enjoy one of the world’s most unique nightlife experience and bustling marketplaces in the city centre. Be sure to check out some of the ruin bars throughout the old Jewish Quarter for a fun evening out on the town!

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