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Bristol Destination Guide

Fly Direct to Bristol

Get your city break to Bristol off to a perfect start and enjoy close airport parking with short walks to the terminal. You’ll also be pleasantly surprised by the relaxed atmosphere at Shannon - no congestion and no hassle guaranteed!
Just 90 minutes from Shannon, the wonderful UK city of Bristol in the south west of England has a rich history and so much to see and do in the present day too.

When you land

As the airport is only eight miles from the centre, you’ll have several options to travel in to town with regular rail, bus, and coach links. 

Where to stay

You’ll find so many options when it comes to accommodation including hotels, guesthouses and B&Bs in the city, and if you prefer self-catering, you’ll be spoilt for choice too.

History and Arts

Bristol was hugely important to trade in the UK and its port was one of the world’s most renowned in the 15th and 16th centuries. It’s said to be the birthplace of legendary pirate, Blackbeard, and also the starting point for John Cabot’s expedition further west where he discovered Newfoundland in North America.
In more recent times, Bristol has produced famous actors and comedians including Cary Grant, Bill Bailey, Matt Lucas, David Walliams and John Cleese, while JK Rowling also calls the city home. Art lovers will also be aware that the world’s most famous street artist, Banksy, is also a Bristol native.

Food and Drink

The city is packed with great places to grab a bite and for something a little more unusual, why not try a meal on one of the famed boat eateries? If Bristol takes anything seriously then it’s definitely its food so there’s something for all tastes and budgets.
If gastro festivals are your thing, then a break here during June, July or August is a great option. Alongside its deep British heritage, Bristol is a fun and modern city and is perfect for school holidays, golf breaks, and even stag and hen parties.

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