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Travel Safe

Your Journey Through Shannon Airport

We have been busy preparing to welcome you back to Shannon Airport. Our priority is your health and safety, and that of our airport employees and partners.

So what have we done to help protect you ?
  • Our staff are trained in Covid-19 passenger precautions.
  • We have installed over 4,000 pieces of COVID-19 signage across the terminal building. Multiple sanitizer dispensers and special hand sanitation stations, along with disinfectant wipes which are located throughout the airport starting at the entry doors. 
  • In addition to its normal cleaning services, the airport has introduced specialised COVID-19 deep cleaning and sanitisation services. 
  • Protective glass screens have been erected at key customer facing areas throughout the terminal building including at check-in, all customer service desks, security screening areas, retail and at boarding gates.
  • The two-metre social distancing guidelines have been implemented throughout with highly visible floor markings. Our public seating has been reconfigured to ensure social distancing.
  • A recorded message plays periodically, reminding everyone to maintain social distance and practice hygiene guidelines. 

You will also be asked to fill in a form before you arrive in Ireland called the Public Health Passenger Locator Form 48 hours prior to your arrival. This form can be filled out in just minutes on-line here

See our Shannon Airport Safety Charter here 

As we all adapt to this new way of living, please take a look at the changes to your journey as you travel through Shannon Airport. Don’t worry because together, we've got this!

Face Coverings: To help protect us all, we're asking everyone to wear a face covering when inside the airport terminal building. Children under the age of 13 and passengers who have a valid medical reason are exempt from wearing a face covering.

Face mask vending machines are located at the entry to the airport terminal building for those passengers who forget to bring one.

Airport Car Parking: For a contactless experience at the airport car park, we recommend you pre-book online. Contactless pay machines are located at entry and exit points in the airport car park. Customers who have pre-booked, will have their car registration scanned at the barrier and will be automatically admitted to the car park. Customers who have not pre-booked online will need to press for a ticket on arrival but can use contactless payment upon departure from the car park. All airport car park payments must be with credit/debit cards only.

Entry to the Terminal Building: During these extraordinary times, only passengers, crew members and airport employees are allowed to enter the Departures or Check-in area of the airport terminal building.
If you are meeting an arriving passenger or seeing off someone who is travelling, don't forget to take advanmtage of our 15 minutes free parking in the Short Stay Car Park for those warm welcomes or goodbyes.
Online Check-In Advised: Please check-in online via your airline’s website or mobile app before you arrive at the airport if possible. Glass separation screens have been installed at all airline check-in desks for passengers who need to check-in at the airport.
Hygiene: Please use proper hand hygiene, sneeze and cough etiquette, during your time at the Airport. We have multiple hand sanitising units throughout the Terminal Building. We also have many signs in place, encouraging you to wash your hands frequently and properly with soap and water and hand sanitising gel.
COVID-19 signage has been installed en route to the airport and inside the terminal building. Multiple sanitiser dispensers and special hand sanitation stations, along with disinfectant wipes have been installed throughout the airport starting at the entry doors. In addition to its normal cleaning services, the airport has introduced specialised COVID-19 deep cleaning and sanitisation services.
Physical Distancing: Physical distancing and queue management systems have been put in place throughout the airport. There are floor markings and signage throughout to remind everyone of the importance of physical distancing. We also have public announcements playing over the public address system at frequent intervals, to remind everyone to maintain physical distancing.
Airport Seating Arrangements: Socially distanced seating is in place throughout, in areas such as boarding gates, food and beverage outlets and the arrivals area. This will mean that certain seats will be blocked off to ensure that social distancing can be maintained.
Additional Cleaning Measures: Strict cleaning processes have been enhanced to protect both you and our employees from COVID-19.  Regular deep cleaning and disinfection regimes are in place at the airport. All key contact surfaces such as security trays, self-service kiosks and escalator handrails undergo enhanced regular cleaning. There is a specific focus on any areas where passengers might dwell.
Protective Screens: Protective glass screens have been installed at close contact points throughout the airport such as check-in, security screening, retail and food & beverage outlets, customer service desks, boarding gates, and U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Airport Shopping and Dining: Contactless payment is our preferred payment method in shops, bars & restaurants.
Socially distanced seating are available. Physical distancing measures are in place to make it easy for you when shopping and ordering food at the airport. Once food orders are placed, we ask you to return to your seat and your orders will be delivered to you.

Airport Sensory Room and Play Areas: Hand sanitising units and sanitising wipe stations are available in the airport’s Sensory Room and Children’s Play Areas. We encouraged you to use these before and after using these facilities. In addition, these areas are sanitised at regular intervals throughout the day. 

The measures reflect the national COVID-19 Health Service Executive (HSE) guidelines and government code of practice guidelines for Air Passengers taking on board the best practice guidelines developed by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).

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