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Shannon Airport Car Park Frequently Asked Questions

Making your car park booking online

How do I book online?

Step 1: Log on to the Shannon Airport website and follow the links to the Parking and Online Booking pages here.

Step 2: To get a "Quick Quote" insert your date and time of arrival at the car park and your date and time of departure from the car park into the boxes provided. 

Step 3: Click on the "Book Now" button.

Step 4: The system will check parking availability for the dates and times specified by you and, if parking is available, will

  • Calculate the duration of your expected stay 
  • Display the applicable parking fee for each car park with parking available during your planned visit 

Step 5: Check that the dates and times shown in the box above Parking Fee are correct. If any of the information is not correct click on the "Back" button to return to the "Quick Quote" page.

For information about each of the car parks available during your planned visit click on "More Info" read the information carefully.

Step 6: If the car park, dates, times and parking fee displayed are correct click on the "Book Now" button in the box specific to your car park of choice in order to proceed with your booking. Otherwise click on "Back" button to return to the "Quick Quote" page.

Step 7: Review your booking summary and if you wish to book our Executive Lounges you can do so here.

Step 8: Complete the "Personal Details", Vehicle Details" "Travel Details" and "Payment Details" by inserting the required information into the boxes provided.  

Step 9. Click on the "Terms and Conditions" link and read carefully the document presented. Confirm that you have read the terms and conditions and that you agree to be bound by them by clicking on 'I have read and accept the Terms and conditions'.  Complete your booking by clicking on "Book and Pay",

Step 10: The system will validate your card details and once approval is received, will automatically issue a formal booking confirmation while you are still online. You should print and retain a copy of this booking confirmation as it includes details of your booking and your unique booking reference number. This reference number is essential if you later need for any reason to inspect, amend or cancel your booking.   Note that you can save your personal details for future bookings by clicking "Remember Me" button. Please ensure that the details you provide are correct.

How close to my date/time of travel can I pre-book car parking?

The system will accept pre-bookings up to 2 hours prior to the expected time of arrival at the selected car park. 

What if I don't receive a booking confirmation at the end of the process or a booking confirmation email?

In this case the booking has not been completed successfully and the process should be carefully repeated.

If you completed the online process successfully but did not receive an email confirmation, please ensure that your virus checker is not blocking certain emails or classifying the email as spam.
Please make sure to write down your booking reference number. Using this number you can check your booking online anytime before you travel or alternatively please email with your car registration number requesting your booking confirmation.

Is it possible to amend or cancel a booking?

To do so go to the "Manage My Booking" section.  You will need the booking reference number from your booking confirmation and the email address you provided during the booking process in order to access this file.

You can amend or cancel a booking up to 6 hours in advance of your car park entry date and time.

I have a query about the pre-booked parking charge on my card. What should I do?

Email: or write to: Car Park Admin, P.O. Box 650, Shannon, Co. Clare.  Make sure to enclose all the relevant details including:

  • Your name 
  • Booking reference number 
  • Car park name 
  • Arrival date & time 
  • Departure date & time 
  • Fee charged 
  • Car registration number used to make the booking 
  • Daytime telephone number

Which car parks can I pre-book online?

Pre-booking is currently available in the following locations: 

Park4Less Car Park

Long Stay Car Park

Am I guaranteed a specific car park space?

No. You cannot reserve a specific parking space. However, by pre-booking parking online you ensure that there will be a parking space available for you at the time and date indicated in your booking.

How far in advance can I pre-book car parking?

You may make a booking up to six months in advance of your planned arrival date/time at the car park.

What is the minimum length of stay?

The minimum pre-booked stay is:

  • One day (24 hours) or part thereof in the Long Stay car park and Park4Less car park.

What is the maximum length of stay?

The maximum length of stay is:

  • 99 days or part thereof in our Park4Less and Long Stay Car Parks.

How do I know my booking details are secure?

The details you provide are encrypted to prevent them being read over the internet. This is indicated by the GeoTrust icon on the car parking page. You can click on the icon for more details of your payment for your online car park booking.

What is the normal charge for parking in the Long Stay car park when I don't book online?

Full car park tariff information can be found by clicking here.

How do I get the best online price?

Get the best online price by pre-booking your parking well in advance of your car park entry date. Demand is high for our lowest priced offers and they sell out quickly so the lowest price offered on one day may vary from what you see on a different day.

Our prices are subject to change. Therefore, the price is only valid at the time you get your quote.

Do I have to pay a booking fee?

No booking fees apply.

Do parking charges at Shannon Airport include VAT?

Yes, the parking charges include VAT at 23%.

I want to make a booking online and to pay in foreign currency using my credit card. How will the foreign exchange rate be applied to my booking?

The foreign exchange rate charged to your credit card is applied at the time you make your booking online. This exchange rate is set by your credit card company. Shannon Airport receives payment for your online booking only in Euro.

Should you subsequently amend your booking or otherwise become eligible for a refund for all or part of the pre-booking payment, Shannon Airport will refund the appropriate Euro amount to your card account. The foreign exchange rate on any such refund will be set by your card company. The Shannon Airport does not accept responsibility for the effects, positive or negative, of any fluctuations in foreign exchange rates.

Queries in relation to your payment should be made in writing to: Car Parks Admin, P.O Box 650, Shannon, Co. Clare or via email to with the following detail enclosed:

  • Booking reference number 
  • Car park name 
  • Arrival date & time 
  • Departure date & time 
  • Fee charged 
  • Car registration number used to make the booking 
  • Daytime telephone number

Can I make multiple bookings with the same Credit Card?

Please note only one pre-booking for a Parking Period should be made using an individual debit or credit card. It is not advisable to use a single payment card to make multiple pre-bookings during the same Parking Period or to pre-book overlapping Parking Periods. In cases where customers wish to make multiple or overlapping pre-bookings they are advised to use separate debit or credit cards for each transaction.

Where can I get more information about parking charges at Shannon Airport?

Long Stay parking tariff information can be found by clicking here.

Short Stay parking tariff information can be found by clicking here.

What do I need to bring with me when travelling to the car park?

Please bring the following with you to in order to ensure your online booking is recognised:

  • Take the same vehicle that bears the registration number you entered when you booked.
  • Booking reference number
  • QR code - scan the QR code in the confirmation email you received using the reader at the entry barrier. The QR code reader can scan this code on your smart phone or as a printed document.

Do I have to pay a fee to amend or cancel my booking?

There is no fee for amending or cancelling your booking.

What do I need to do when I arrive at my pre-booked car park?

Drive to your pre-booked car park. Stop at the entry barrier. The system will read your vehicle licence plate and once it matches the licence plate details provided in your online booking the barrier will automatically rise.  In the event that the barrier does not lift please scan the QR code using the reader at the entry barrier. The QR code reader can scan this code on your smart phone or as a printed document so please ensure that you have it with you.  Remember to make a note of where you parked your car. 

What happens if my car licence plate is not recognised at the entry or exit barrier of my pre-booked car park?

Following your arrival at your pre-booked car park entry point if the barrier does not rise please scan the QR code on your booking using the reader at the entry barrier. The QR code reader can scan this code on your smart phone or as a printed document so please ensure that you have it with you. 

What happens if I stay longer than I originally anticipated?

When you arrive at the car park exit barrier the car park system reads your licence plate, checks your pre-booking file and calculates the duration of your stay. If you have over-stayed the system establishes whether any additional fee is due. If an additional fee is due, you will be required to insert a credit or Laser card to pay the fee for the overstay.

Your credit/debit card will be charged the appropriate fee for the additional time based on the drive up tariff applicable on the date of your departure from the car park.

Can I book reduced mobility parking online?

Yes it is possible to pre-book reduced mobility parking online. For further information click here.

What happens if I arrive before the entry time I specified when making my booking online?

The system will recognise your pre-booking up to 2 hours in advance of your expected time of arrival and up to 12 hours following your expected time of arrival.

For example, if you booked to arrive at 10am the system will recognise your booking and allow you to enter the car park at anytime between 8am and 10pm on the pre-booked arrival day.