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Shannon Premium Pass

If you’re always on the move, you know regular travel can be tough-going so you need to make life easy where you can. Now you can buy an unlimited parking pass for our short term parking and you’re guaranteed a parking spot just minutes from the main airport - no booking needed!

Why Choose Shannon Premium Pass?

  • Unlimited parking in short-stay, just steps from the main airport building
  • Instant entry and exit and no need to book online or pay when you get back
  • Flexible terms means you can pay by cheque or card

How to Find us After You Have Your Pass

If you're using Sat Nav or Electronic maps, enter the postcode V14 EEO6 to get to the Airport. After that, you can just follow the signs for the Short Stay Car Park. When you arrive, You simply insert your Premium Card for entry and barrier will raise automatically, its the same process when you exit. You do not need to pull a ticket at the barrier unless there is a problem with your card.  Then find your nearest available parking space. You’ll see the main airport entrance just across the road.

Shannon Premium Pass -  Rates 

Pass Price
Annual Pass €950*
6 Month Pass €525*

*cost includes VAT

Get Your Shannon Premium Pass Today

As a frequent flier, you know every minute counts! For unlimited parking in the short-stay car park, get your own Shannon Premium Pass by giving us a call on Tel:- +353 61 712200 (Mon-Fri 08.00 – 16.00) or just email Clare Corry -

Use of Shannon Premium Pass

Shannon Premium Pass is for private individual use only and it is not intended for use as commercial purposes. Any commercial entity found using the Shannon Premium Pass will have the pass immediately confiscated with no refund offered.