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Making Parking Easy

At Shannon, we are dedicated to making sure your journey through Shannon is as hassle-free as possible and that includes collecting your car when you land. And from time to time, due to extreme weather or bad luck, there are some things you can never be ready for....

Free parking extras 

Free De-icing. Even though you’ve been soaking up the rays while you’re away, an Irish winter can soon bring you back to earth! We can offer you a free de-icing if your car’s been frozen over to help set you on your way.

Free Tyre Inflation. Depending on how long you’ve been away, tyres can lose air pressure so if you come home and find you have a flat tyre, our team will inflate them  if possible, enough so that you can get to a local garage.

Free Battery jump-starts. This is one we are well used to as it’s so easy to accidentally leave on lights or the radio before catching your flight. If you come home to a flat car battery, we’ll give you the jump-start you need to get you back on the road home. Getting help is easy - contact the Car Park Customer Services Office located in Arrivals or call +353 87 6895679 for assistance.

Free Baggage trolleys are available throughout the car parks.

Car Key Holding. A car key holding facility is available for a small fee in the arrivals area.


Need to Get In Touch?

If you have any queries or question before you travel, we’d love to hear from you. Call us on +353 61 712000 or email


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