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Transiting & Connecting

Transiting & Connecting Flights at Shannon Airport

Whether you’re a self connecting passenger or in transit through Shannon Airport, find out below how you can make your journey as easy as possible.

Self Connecting Passengers

If you have another flight to catch onward from Shannon, you’ll find the process very straightforward and you can just follow these 4 simple steps.

  1. Keep in mind that as a self-connecting passenger, you are not permitted to use the Flight Connections facility.
  2. When you land, please proceed through customs and on to the baggage hall to retrieve your luggage.
  3. Leave the baggage hall and remember that if you do need to check-in your luggage, go to the Departures Area to check-in your luggage and obtain your boarding card from your airline.
  4. Make your way to the Departures Lounge via Security Screening. Remember to have your boarding card at the ready.
  5. Then it’s time to relax, grab something to eat or do some last-minute shopping before catching your next flight.

Transit Passengers

We want to make your connection at Shannon Airport as easy as possible through our flight connections service. Keep in mind these 4 handy steps to catching your connecting flight.

  1. Get ready before your flight, and make sure you have your boarding pass with you for the next flight onward from Shannon
  2. When you land, just follow the directions of your airline and the signs for Flight Connections. Remember to have your documentation ready for inspection.
  3. Find your gate. You’ll see your flight number on your boarding pass so just have a look at the Flight Information Display Screens for your gate and find out where to go. For flights to the USA, follow signs for US Preclearance proceeding to your Departure Gate. Now you can enjoy your onward flight!
  4. Go to your gate and take off on the next leg of your journey.

 In the meantime, get visa information specific to your journey right here.




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