US Preclearance Facility

Shannon Airport is the first airport in the world, outside of the Americas, to offer Full US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) preclearance facilities to airlines travelling to the USA.

With this new facility your airline can land at any airport you choose in the USA.  It allows you and your passengers to pre-clear all formalities for US Immigration, Customs and Agriculture.

With dedicated facilities for all Commercial, Technical Transit and Business jet operations, your arrival in the USA will be effortless and seamless when you use Shannon Airport.

The cost to your airline for using this facility is €10.50 per departing passenger.

Airline Benefits:

  • Land at any airport and use domestic terminals on arrival, thus reducing your costs.
  • Avoid congestion and delays at international terminals - maximising aircraft utilisation.
  • Develop and create new routing opportunities and airline partners.
  • Reduce connecting time for your passengers for onward travel within the USA.
  • Secure and efficient entry process to the USA.

Passenger Benefits:

  • They arrive as domestic passengers - faster process through airport terminals.
  • No changing terminals from international to domestic for connecting passengers.
  • Shorter connecting times mean passengers reach their final destination earlier.
  • Bagggage checked to the final destination - no pick up/drop off.