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Shannon Airport welcomes 16% September traffic boost

11 October 2018

Shannon Airport, a Shannon Group company, has welcomed the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) figures released today for flight activity into airports here in September which confirm the very positive year the airport is having.

Commenting on the latest publication of IAA traffic figures, Andrew Murphy, Shannon Airport Managing Director said that the month of September was the busiest in over a decade at Shannon Airport.

“While passenger numbers are the ultimate barometer, these figures for flights in and out of Shannon are really positive and deserve acknowledgement. We had an increase in commercial terminal flight movements of over 16% in September compared to the same month last year, the biggest growth rate of any Irish airport in the month. That’s remarkable growth by any standards.

“It’s down to a lot of hard work by our entire staff here, making it easy for our customers to fly from Shannon. We first of all have to get the airlines in to operate new services and this has been a very good summer in that regard, with new destinations across key markets, the UK, Europe and transatlantic. Our second task is to do what we can to support airlines in promoting our services and we’ve been very busy on that front.”

Welcoming the IAA announcement Matthew Thomas, CEO, Shannon Group said: “These welcome stats speak volumes about the dedication of our staff and our commitment to putting our passengers first. Having invested €40 million in the airport, our customers are seeing the transformation at Shannon Airport.”

“Our challenge is to keep growing and increasing choice for customers in our region. We continue to do everything we can to grow existing services and attract new ones, as we did successfully with the announcement last week of our first ever Ibiza service next summer. Our ask now of the region is to take advantage of the increasing choice of flights from Shannon, and help us continue to grow.” The publication of the IAA figures adds to an already very positive 24 hours for Shannon as overnight it was chosen by the European airline community as this year’s winner of the Airport of the Year Award from the European Regions Airline Association (ERA). Last week also, the Irish Tourism Industry Confederation (ITIC) revealed a 9% increase in tourists through Shannon in August.

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