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Frequently Asked Questions

What is 'Click & Collect'?

Our new Shannon Duty Free ‘Click & Collect’ service allows you to buy your airport shopping online between 3 months and 48 hours before you fly. Pre-Browse and buy your favourite brands online when it suits you from the comfort of your home, then collect your products at the airport in the Duty Free at the main cash registers before you board the plane.   Or if you prefer to travel handsfree let the duty-free staff at the main cash registers know that you which to collect them on your return - whichever is more convenient! (Collection on return is only available on Duty Paid items as under Revenue Rules Duty Free items must be exported) Make sure you check the website regularly as new products and brands are added regularly. Enjoy the same great prices as the Shannon Duty Free store leaving you plenty of time to relax at the airport before you fly.

What is 'Shop & Collect'?

Our ‘Shop & Collect’ instore service allows you to leave your purchases with us while you travel. Its a great way to take advantage of our fantastic duty-free value without trying to figure out how to fit it into your baggage! After you've finishing your shopping in store and brought your selections to the main cash registers for check out, simply ask any staff member in Shannon Duty Free and they) will be delighted to store your items and have them ready for collection on return from your trip. (Please not this service is only available for duty paid items traveling within the EU.  All Duty-Free items such as Alcohol & Tobacco must be exported under Revenue rules).  You can pick up your order at the 'Shop & Collect' desk on your return to the airport in the arrivals hall in Shannon airport.


What happens if my flights change or I can’t travel as originally planned?

We will hold your order at the Click and Collect desk in Shannon Duty Free main cash registers and will keep it for you until you next travel. If your travel plans are cancelled and you won’t be travelling in the near future we can cancel and refund your order.
Please contact Duty Free Customer Service
Phone: +353 (061) 712171

Can I cancel my order?

If you wish to cancel your order before collection, you can contact our Customer Service Team who will process a refund for you. Email:
Phone: +353 (061) 712171

Why do I need to tell you my flight destination?

Based on your flight destination EU or non EU eg (UK or USA) we show you pricing relevant to your travel destination. For those travelling outside the E.U. you can avail of Duty Free pricing on Wine and Spirits. For those travelling within the E.U., you can still save up to 15% on high street pricing.

I can’t find an item on the website?

Our website carries a selection of your favourite brands and products, but some items may not be available on the website.  There is a much wider range available in the Duty-Free Store. Please contact our Customer Service Team and they can confirm whether your item is available in store if you can’t locate it on the Duty Free website. Make sure you check the website regularly as new products and brands are added regularly in updates.

What if the item I order isn’t in stock?

We do everything possible to ensure that our online products are available to purchase and in stock for your order. In the unusual event that your item is out of stock when we are preparing your order, we will contact you by email to inform you that the item has been removed from your order and a refund processed. Between your order being placed and your departure, this item may come back into stock, so please do check in store at Shannon Duty Free on your departure. Our Duty-Free team will always be ready and happy to help you locate any item.

I have no checked baggage, will I be able to travel with my duty free purchases?

Yes, when you purchase items in Shannon Duty Free either online or in store, your goods are packed in a special security sealed clear plastic bag so that it can pass through Customs. Once your flight departs, this clear sealed packaging covers you for 24 hours travel, including connections (it must remain sealed).
If you intend flying back with your liquid items, you will need to ensure that they comply with the liquid size restrictions for in cabin items of 100ml items. To avoid this scenario having an impact on your return journey you can request instore at the main cash registers to collect your purchases at Arrivals on the return leg of your journey (EU Flights only, All Duty-Free Alcohol items must be exported). So if you avail of our our ‘Shop & Collect’ service instore we can place your duty paid purchases in storage for collection upon on your return flight to Ireland.

Age restricted items - Can I buy Wine and Spirits online?

All Alcohol products such Wine and Spirits are restricted items which can only be purchased by those passengers over the age of 18 years. Should you wish to buy these items you will be asked to confirm that you are over 18 years of age at the point of collection in Shannon Duty Free. You will be asked to prove your age (using a valid passport or other photo identification) on collection. Customers travelling within the European Union can purchase alcohol products at duty-paid prices. For passengers travelling to a Duty-Free destination outside the European Union such as the USA or UK we will need to validate the purchaser if flying to a Duty-Free destination via passport or ID and onward flight ticket.

Can I buy Tobacco products online?

No tobacco and cigarettes are not currently sold online in Shannon Duty Free. Tobacco and cigarettes can be purchased in store at the main cash register area in the airport.   Tobacco and Cigarette are only sold to passengers aged 18 years and over. You may be asked to prove your age by showing photo I.D. or passport, and onward travel ticket.

Do I need to be flying to use the 'Click & Collect' or the instore 'Shop & Collect' service?

Yes, you must be flying and in possession of a valid boarding card and passport to use these services.

How do I contact Shannon Duty Free Customer Care?

Duty Free Customer service is available on email:
Phone: +353 (061) 712171

How far in advance can I purchase online before I travel?

You can purchase online between 3 months and 48 hours in advance of. You can collect your purchases on your departure for duty Free or on arrival back to Ireland having requested it instore for Duty Paid purchases.


Q. Will duty-free shopping return for passengers flying from Shannon Airport to the UK?

A. Yes, from 1st January 2021, all passengers travelling from Ireland to the UK can avail of duty-free prices on alcohol and tobacco products, as these are the only categories subject to excise duty by the Irish government.

Q. Are all products subject to duty?

A. No, the Irish government outlines that only certain goods are subject to excise duty, such as alcoholic beverages and tobacco products. So that means that duty-free prices will only be available on these types of items.

Q. Why is there no duty-free on beauty products or why do some products have one price for all destinations?

A. Excise duty does not apply to beauty products. Shannon Duty Free offers a single price across many product categories to all customers, whether they are travelling to an EU (Duty Paid) or to a non-EU (UK/USA Duty-Free) destination. In this way, we pass on VAT savings for Duty Free passengers to all our customers. We offer at least 15% cheaper than high street prices for our beauty products.

Q. Shouldn’t all products be cheaper now?

A. No, we already pass on a VAT saving and these savings apply to all passengers, regardless of whether they are flying to a non-EU (Duty-Free USA or UK) destinations. This long standing discount structure is already in place in Shannon Duty Free and will not change in the future.

Q. What allowances will passengers have when flying to the UK from 1st January 2021?

42 litres of beer, 18 litres of still wine, 4 litres of spirits OR 9 litres of sparkling wine, fortified wine or any alcoholic beverage less than 22% ABV.
200 Cigarettes OR 100 cigarillos OR 50 cigars OR 250g tobacco OR 200 sticks of tobacco for heating OR any proportional combination of the above.

Q. How much Duty-Free product am I allowed to bring on my return journey from the UK back into Ireland?

16 litres of beer, 4 litres of still wine, 1 litre of spirits OR 2 litres of sparkling wine, fortified wine or any alcoholic beverage less than 22% ABV.
200 cigarettes OR 100 cigarillos OR 50 cigars OR 250g tobacco OR any proportional combination of the above.

Q. I am an Irish resident flying to the UK and I want to buy Duty-Free on my way out at Shannon Airport. Can I use Shop & Collect?

A. From 1st January 2021, all passengers flying to the UK can avail of our complimentary Shop & Collect service on all products, excluding alcohol and tobacco. If your basket includes mixed products, for example, alcohol and beauty products, your basket may be separated and you can avail of Shop & Collect only on the qualifying products, as outlined above.

Q. Are there any implications for online shopping on arising from Brexit?

A. As it currently stands, when travelling to a non-EU (Duty-Free) destination, you can purchase all products online at, excluding tobacco. Therefore, from 1st January 2021, this will also apply to those travelling to the UK.

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