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US Pre-Clearance For Private Aircraft

Our full U.S. Preclearance of private aircraft service allows your passengers to make all the necessary immigration, customs and agriculture inspections at Shannon before departure to the U.S. This means a more efficient arrival process at their destination.

General Aviation aircraft are precleared from Shannon Airport to a specific, designated airport or airport facility approved and capable of handling and processing international garbage as required by the U.S. Department of Agriculture

Shannon Airport was the first airport in the world to offer full US preclearance for private aircraft and is still the only airport in either Europe or the Middle East with this unique service.

What additional private aircraft services are available at Shannon?

You can get further information on preclearance by downloading the CBP Preclearance of General Aviation Summary Guide.Version 3.

This document provides...

  • The 7-step outline for private aircraft preclearance procedures.
  • The most recent list of CBP/USDA approved airports for precleared private flights.
  • The Shannon Private Aircraft Program FAQs, including the service request telephone number.

Full information on private aircraft preclearance processing is available here 

  • Charges for the provision of this service are outlined here. Non-aviation related charges are outlined here.

For further information on preclearance please contact your Shannon FBO or email Dan Irvine, Aviation Development Manager.   Please click here for the pre clearance airports list which contains all of the airports that can be accessed through preclearance at Shannon by private jets.

For more information on the benefits of US CBP preclearance of private jets the following video may provide more insights please click here