Bars & Restaurants

JJ Ruddles

JJ.Ruddles Bar and Restaurant is Shannon Airport’s newest eatery and a destination in its own right. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, this Italian inspired bistro offers a delicious menu with an Italian twist. A place where guests can relax in a comfortable environment and enjoy fresh, high-quality food & drinks, throughout the day.  Located in the central concourse before you pass through security, this is the perfect pit stop before your flight.

*Opening Hours
Breakfast 0500 – 1200
Lunch & dinner 12 pm - late

Zest Food Market

The Zest Food Market is located in the Departures Lounge, adjacent to the Sheridan Bar.  The Zest team of chefs produce all hot meals, salads and sandwiches on site.  Meanwhile, their bakers and pastry chefs work through the night in the in-house bakery to produce their fresh artisan breads, pastries and desserts.  For customers who haven’t time to relax in the new Food Court area, don’t miss out – just ask for Zest’s Grab’n’Go offer.

*Opening Hours: 05:30 to 21:00

Gate 8 Café

The Gate 8 Café is located in the post-CBP area and caters for our US bound passengers.  This café is operated by the people that brought Zest Food Market to Shannon Airport.  Zest believe that it is essential to have the finest and freshest offer available in their cafes.  For example, the coffee served at the Gate 8 Café is made from top grade 100% Arabica beans roasted and hand sieved to ensure the best quality possible.  Relax before your board and enjoy with a selection of  freshly baked croissants,  sandwiches and pastries.

*Opening Hours: 07:30 to 12:30

The Sheridan Food Pub

The Sheridan Food Pub is located in the departures lounge and is available to passengers only. It is an ideal place to relax and enjoy a drink prior to departure or choose from a range of delicious hot food and snacks. The bar is named after Joe Sheridan, a former chef at Shannon Airport. Joe invented the world famous Irish Coffee in 1943. Today, over 50 years later Irish Coffee is firmly established and still tasting great. So, why not try this special drink, made to the original recipe developed by Joe.

*Opening Hours: 24 hours, 365 days per year!!

Please note opening times are subject to change.