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Most of those landing at Memmingen’s Allgau Airport after a two and a half hour flight from Shannon Airport will be on their way to ski on the Bavarian Alps or to the relaxing surroundings of nearby Lake Constance. However, visitors often base themselves in this charming town, which allows easy access to the more well-known destinations of Munich and Augsburg.

Getting there

The airport is roughly just 3km from the city centre with taxis willing to shuttle you there for €10-€12. It’s just as easy to take the bus though, which can be conveniently found outside the main terminal building.

A hidden gem

Memmingen, in comparison to the nearby metropolises, is relatively sleepy.

Budget and mid-range hotels are the most common types of accommodation here so getting a roof over your head won’t break the bank. Most places are within easy reach of the centre too so you’ll have your base nearby regardless of the option that you go for.

Given its size, the town centre is easy to navigate. The market square is usually the best place to kick off your adventure of discovery – you can pick up a free map at the tourist information office. 

Medieval mysteries

Many of Memmingen’s relics of medieval times are still very much intact, including the city gates and towers. More specifically, five gates and five towers have been preserved so you can get a taste of the protection techniques used to keep the town’s inhabitants safe all those centuries ago. Most of the moats that surrounded the town back then have long since been filled in, with the notable exception of the Hohe Wacht, which you’ll find gaping to the south of the old town.

It’s rare to lose your way here, but if you do, the city’s council has installed handy walking routes – the Roter Weg (Red Route) and the Gruner Weg (Green Route) – which snake around the town, take in all of the main attractions, and will lead you on your way. Make sure to pay a visit to the Seven-Roofs House which is widely considered as one of the most notable landmarks.

The selection of cafés, restaurants and bars isn’t overly extensive although for a city of 41,000 people, it more than suffices. With regional and international dining options, and cocktail bars, pubs and nightclubs dotted throughout the city, every taste and desire is catered for in a homely atmosphere.

Five for free

  • Embrace the culture

    While you’re here, make sure to sit back and listen to an organ concert in St. Martin’s Church. The performances are famous in the region, while you can mix things up with chamber music during a trip to the Kreuzherren Monastery in the town.

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  • Learn the history

    The Town Museum at the Hermannsbau is the largest display of the town’s past. Here, you’ll find a section covering the history of Jewish people, who lived in Memmingen until 1939, including artifacts from the destroyed synagogue. Other museums include the Antonier and Strigelmuseum, which holds works from the Hospital Brothers of St. Anthony, and the MeWo-Kunsthalle, where paintings by local artists Max Unold and Josef Madlener are on display.

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  • Behold the Fair

    The Menninger Jahrmarkt is an annual celebration that takes place here every October. Most of the town is closed off to traffic to allow the celebrations take place uninterrupted.

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  • Tour Bavaria

    It’ll cost a little but the return is huge when you rent a car to tour the Allgau region, which stretches all the way to the Bavarian Alps. With smaller villages and towns all along the Oberschwabische Barockstrasse (the main tourist route), it’s arguably the best way to get a more authentic feel for life in the area.

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  • Marvel at Medieval

    Memmingen is a haven of medieval history and one of the few places in Bavaria where many relics of a time long past are still intact. Don’t miss your chance to check them out.

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    Memmingen medieval building
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