Package holidays

The table below lists the range of package holidays available from Shannon for summer 2014.

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Please note some dates subject to confirmation.

Summer 2014 Package Holidays

Balearic Islands
Palma 03 May-20 Sep Saturday Falcon
Palma 02 Apr-25 Oct Wed, Thur, Sun Low Cost Holidays
Dubrovnik 18 Jun & 25 Jun Wednesday Concorde Travel
Dubrovnik 17 Sept. 24 Sept Saturday Croatia Tours
Canary Islands
Lanzarote 04 May-29 Sep Monday Falcon
Lanzarote 02 Apr-25 Oct Wed Low Cost Holidays
Tenerife 03 Apr-25 Oct Thur Low Cost Holidays
Faro 02 Apr-25 Oct Mon, Wed, Fri Click & Go
Faro 02 Apr-25 Oct Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat Low Cost Holidays
Alicante 02 Apr-25 Oct Wed, Fri Low Cost Holidays
Malaga 30 Mar-25 Oct Mon, Wed, Fri Click & Go
Malaga Mon, Wed, Fri 30 Mar-25 Oct Low Cost Holidays
Reus 25 May-05 Sep Friday Falcon

Winter 2014/15 Package Holidays

Canary Islands
Fuerteventura 26 Oct-28 Mar Saturday Low Cost Holidays
Lanzarote 26 Oct-28 Mar Saturday Click & Go
Lanzarote 26-Oct-28-Mar Sunday Low Cost Holidays