Limerick City of Culture

On January 1st 2014 the vibrant city of Limerick became the first National City of Culture in Ireland. 

Located just 25 km from Shannon Airport, Limerick is the capital of Ireland’s Mid-West region, noted for its shopping, its dining and entertainment, its historical significance, and its contributions to the arts.

Conquered by the Vikings in the ninth century, this bustling modern city has a rich medieval past, which resounds around its ancient streets.

Limerick has something to offer everybody thanks to its many cultural, historical, architectural, sporting, shopping and business activities. With almost 50% of Limerick’s population under the age of 30, it is a vibrant, living, cosmopolitan city.

The County of Limerick is a place of rural charm and great beauty, with a gently undulating landscape that varies from the mountains of Ballyhoura in the Golden Vale to the Shannon Estuary.

To celebrate Limerick City Of Culture, a program of events are in place which turn the city into a year- long national stage hosting acts, arts and events from the intensely local and community based to international acts which will perform for the first time ever in Ireland.

The programme will run across 13 different themes – Streets; Stage; People & Places; Visual Art; Music; Secret Limerick; Food, Fashion & Craft; Na Leanaí; New Generation; Architecture; The Artists Call and Sport. Over 200 different performances and exhibitions, spanning all aspects of culture and the arts, that will thrill, calm and even challenge the senses will be delivered by leading and critically acclaimed international, national and local acts in the most varied and embracing year of cultural expression staged in Ireland.  

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