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Image used under Creative Commons from ValterGouveia.com

Tourist Destination

Izmir’s reputation as a tourist destination of choice on Turkey’s west coast is growing rapidly. In fact, it is one of the fastest-growing cruise ship ports on the Aegean as visitors flock to spend lazy days on its exquisite seafront and ramble around some of the most extensive Roman ruins still remaining in the world today.

Climate and language 

Izmir’s climate is typical for the region – hot and dry summers where temperatures regularly top 30°C are the norm, while September and October offer a more bearable average of about 21°C. Mosquitoes are common here so it’s wise to take the usual precautions before and during your stay.

English is also widely spoken and most staff in hotels, guesthouses, restaurants and bars will be fluent.

Image used under Creative Commons from ValterGouveia.com

Eating Out

A meal in a local pub will set you back between 12TL and 30TL (€5-€13), while dinner for a couple at something a little more upmarket ranges from €30 to €50. This is relatively inexpensive given that most of the vegetables, soups and pastries that you’ll be served are produced locally while fish lovers can treat themselves to the freshest catch of the day right off the boat.


After the sun goes down, you’ll find hotels and guest houses to suit all budgets and tastes here. Before you book, make sure that air conditioning is included in the price of your room: during the summer – particularly in July and August – the mild breeze coming off the Aegean won’t do much to stop the stifling heat, even in the dead of night. 

*Please note that currency exchange prices are correct at time of publishing. However, you should check the latest rates before departure.

Five for free

  • Relax on the seafront

    This is probably the obvious choice but you’ll be thrilled by the splendour and elegance of the seafront in Izmir. Known as “Beautiful Izmir” in Turkey, the city owes a significant debt to the promenades and beaches that almost certainly contributed to the endowment of such a weighty moniker.

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  • Visit Konak Square

    Konak Square is steeped in Turkish history – it was here that the country’s fight for independence began after World War 1. The Clock Tower is the centrepiece of the famous landmark where festivals and fairs are held regularly.

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  • Ramble the Ruins

    Izmir is home to some of the oldest Roman ruins in the world outside of those found in Pompeii. After centuries of Persian rule followed by Alexander the Great, King Eumenes III bequeathed his kingdom to the Roman Empire on his deathbed. In 178 AD, the city suffered one of the most devastating earthquakes in its history – the Romans rebuilt it with Emperor Marcus Aurelius at the helm. Today, the ruins of a far gone age attract thousands of visitors each year. 

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  • Find a Festival

    The International Izmir Festival begins in mid-June and typically runs for one month. Since its beginnings in 1987, the festival has attracted many world famous acts including Ray Charles, the New York City Ballet, Bryan Adams and Elton John, to name a few. While there will be a charge for many of the performances, you’ll come across free live acts in many of the bars, clubs and restaurants during the four-week celebration. 

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  • Away with the Birds

    The Bird Paradise of Izmir is 8,000 hectares of land which is home to 250 species of bird and over 300 plant types. The sanctuary averages traffic of over 50,000 birds every year including Red Winged Flamingos, Dalmatian Pelicans, Great Crested Grebes and Great White Egrets. There is an admission charge to the enclosure itself but avid birdwatchers can while away a day or two outside the walls.

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